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With a surface area of 10,000 km2, Gironde is France’s biggest département. Its capital, Bordeaux, is also capital of Aquitaine. To the west there is the Atlantic Ocean and its 126 kilometres of coastline and beaches, from Soulac to Arcachon, via Lacanau... Then comes the immense forest protected by the dunes: 480,000 hectares of maritime pine trees, making Gironde the part of France with the greatest area of woodland.

The Gironde Estuary begins at the headland of Ambès and runs into the ocean between the Pointe de Grave and Royan. It is the biggest estuary in Europe (75 km long and 12 km wide) and the last refuge of the sturgeon, a species currently being reintroduced into the river.

And of course there is the world’s most famous wine region with vineyards that seem to go on forever. Both the basis for the local economy and a genuine art de vivre, the wine region includes 57 Appellations d’Origine Contrôlées.

The Girondin people have a rich history, with medieval wars and the Enlightenment, illustrious writers and ancestral vine-growing techniques. During the wars of the 20th century, Bordeaux provided a refuge for the French governments. All this history is what makes up the Gironde heritage.

Nowadays in Gironde, people cultivate a taste for the good things in life. The economic fabric is diversified; agriculture, high technologies, aeronautics and tourism all cohabit and reap the benefits of the European and international commercial centrepoint that is Bordeaux.

Gironde is all this and much more. The region is naturally welcoming - a place where it is pleasant to live and to visit. When you come on holiday you are spoilt for choice: you can walk along the 2750 kilometres of hiking paths, cycle around the 1000 kilometres of signposted cycling tracks, enjoy the landscape via river and green tourism, discover the history of the region by seeing the 205 classified monuments and 453 listed monuments, or do some wine-tasting on visits to châteaux....

  The wines of Bordeaux

You’re bound to know the name and the reputation. "Bordeaux" : a picture of a prestigious wine behind which a whole wold takes shape stroke by stroke.

Couvrant la moitié de la Gironde, plus vaste département de France, le plus grand et le plus ancien vignoble de vins fins du monde s’épanouit sur 120 000 hectares et 500 communes soit un ensemble atteignant 110 kilomètres d’ouest en est et 130 kilomètres du nord au sud.

Understandably, the journey may seem intimidating : how can you begin to savour the 57 appellations of controlled origin, choose between 8,000 chateaux, find wine tasting schools or accommodation in the vineyard? click here

To know everything on Bordeaux wines, soils, grape varieties, wine making : www.vins-bordeaux.fr

If you wish to make an excursion in the vineyard from Bordeaux, see the wine tours, on the Bordeaux tourist office website

Every two years in late June, Bordeaux Wine festival takes place on the Place des Quinconces and the banks of the Garonne river. You can enjoy free concerts and exhibitions, but above all tasting sessions of all the wine appellations in Aquitaine. On this occasion, the experience of discovery and sharing bring together wine-lovers in a festive, gastronomic atmosphere.

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Not only does Bordeaux Airport symbolise the possibility to get away from it all by taking to the skies in a plane, it is also one of Aquitaine's major economic centres. Bordeaux Mérignac airport platform alone has over 7,000 employees, and directly houses over one hundred companies and public establishments. Each of them contributes, in its area of expertise, to the proper functioning of the airport and to the expansion of its sphere of influence.

  The heritage

Silent vestiges of the history of Gironde, the local stone originates from every era and comes in every style. It represents an anthology of cultures and secrets... A land of diversity down to its very architecture, the Gironde has a style that is Romanesque and gothic, aristocratic and peasant, coastal, religious and military.

Bordeaux with its large 18th century city center, the façade of the quays and the old port La Lune are like a theatre of yellow stones swallowed in the neo classical architecture.

At the county side the large offer of wine chateaux, the ancient villages, the famous French and English walled towns « Bastides », the monasteries, the boarder and the small ports of the Garonne and the Dordogne rivers, the military squares are the witnesses of a glorious and rich history.

Bordeaux and la Gironde entered in the modernity of the 21st century with the arts at the Opera, the modern museum, the popular scenes and shows of the Summer in Gironde or with the great events like “Bordeaux Fête le Vin” and renewed with the “Art de Vivre”.

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Aquitaine is……. a sunny climate, a remarkable history, an ideal geographical location, a land of convivial traditions, sites not to be missed and a popular tourist area. Aquitaine is also….. An ocean as far as the eye can see, a mountain for all seasons, the vast protected natural spaces, varied leisure activities, outstanding heritage, the wine country and the gourmet delights.

Welcome in Aquitania !


The ideal climate and soils for growing vines and the know-how of its people have therefore turned the Gironde and Bordeaux into a dream destination for wine lovers but it is also the origin of the great French South West gastronomy.

The top quality produce and the culinary specialties like an entrecote grilled on vine shoots, the Bazas’ beef, the Pauillac lamb served with ceps and other vegetables are the traditional basis of the local gastronomy. Further according to the seasons you can find twaite-shad, lamprey “Bordeaux Style”, from the Bay of Arcachon sea bass and oysters with their special sausage called “Crépinette”. And also some sweets are very famous “Canelé of Bordeaux” and the sweet hazelnut called “Noisettines du Médoc”. Those are some delicious flavours and gourmet pleasures.

The large variety of our gastronomy is also very refined especially when the great Chefs of the famous restaurants create their menus with the local products.

The gastronomy and the winetasting is the real French South-West lifestyle. The large range of the most typical and unusual restaurants offers you delighted gourmet surprise. Ask your hosts, they have their favorite addresses and they will be proud to share them with you.

The farmers’ network « Bienvenue à la ferme » (welcome to the farm) invites you to discover their farms and all the wealth of their local production.

Discover the “Plate of the Country” an unique dish with salty, sweet and salty-sweet savoury, contains only the local products direct from the local producers or regional craft enterprises.

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Discover La Gironde: A mild climate, beaches and vineyards stretching as far as the eye can see and a definite taste for partying as only Southern French can. Gironde, land of Bordeaux wines and France’s largest county, is an unforgettable experience.

Aquitaine is……. a sunny climate, a remarkable history, an ideal geographical location, a land of convivial traditions, sites not to be missed and a popular tourist area. Aquitaine is also….. An ocean as far as the eye can see, a mountain for all seasons, the vast protected natural spaces, varied leisure activities, outstanding heritage, the wine country and the gourmet delights.

Welcome in Aquitania !

  The atlantique shore

The Gironde has more than 120 km of ocean coastline with beaches of fine sand. At the north of the Gironde there is the peninsula of the Médoc with on one side the ocean and the other side the estuary of the Gironde (one of the largest of Europe).

At the south of the department just before arriving in Les Landes, you will find the Bay of Arcachon, an inland sea well known for the oysters and the Great Dune of Pilat (high 114 m and a length of 5 km).

This coastline is bordered by maritime pines, great lakes and different sea resorts with their typical personal atmosphere; Lacanau and the surfing, Lège Cap Ferret the intimate romanticism ambiance, Soulac and the style of the beginning of 1900, Lanton situated close to Andernos situated at the National Regional Park of the Landes of Gascogne, Gujan Mestras and its 7 small ports, capital of the oyster farming, the famous city of Arcachon and its high life and last but not least Biscarrosse between ocean and lakes.

La Dune of Pilat situated at the south entry of the Bay of Arcachon, extends about 500 m from east to the west and 2,7 km from the north to the south and contains more than 60 million cubic meter of sand! The dune is located in the district of La Teste de Buch next to Arcachon (Gironde) and in the heart of les Landes of Gascogne. This enormous large and moving dune advances inexorably into the interior of the country and its height is between 100 and 117 meters.

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